In 2001  I worked near home in Godmanchester which is on the River Ouse so we decided to buy a boat.  We purchased "Kimbo 111" which was a Seamaster
Admiral built (we think) in 1968 with a 1500cc Ford Watermotor petrol engine.  In the UK most of the river boat builders went bust in the 1970s and 1980s so many of
the boats you now see on the river are surprisingly old.  Generally speaking the older the boat the better it is made with thicker fibreglass hulls and solid wood
interiors.  However being old they require constant attention.  There is a saying that the only time you love your boat is the day you buy it and the day you sell it.  We
sold Enigma in 2006 after five happy years, by which time our garden was a jungle and the house needed plenty of attention because we had  devoted so much time
to keeping her going.
Mahogany Interior
Engine Change
Other boating photos
Seamaster 25 - Admiral - River Boat
Moored at Godmanchester on the River Ouse
Below are 2 pictures of our boat after many, many hours of hard work. We
renamed her "Enigma".  I replaced most of the rotting external wood trim with
polished stainless steel.  I cut out the restrictive cockpit windows to fit larger panes
of glass.  The brown fence paint was stripped and proper wood stain applied.  I
then painted all the trim in light blue.  Finally new curtains and blue paint on the
fenders  made the new look more pleasing. We later bought a new blue canopy.  
Below are 2 pictures of "Kimbo 111" in the condition she was in when we
bought her.  She was looking rather sad, all the exterior wood was rotting, it
had 10 coats of fence paint, much of it splashed over the gelcoat and the
effect of a  cream hull with brown paint and grey curtains and grey deck paint
looked drab.
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