The cockpit and the interior of the Admiral was solid mahogany, there was no veneer, no marine ply.  All the drawers were dovetailed
together all signs of quality cabinet making.  Initially the inside looks dark and dull compared with other boats with their fancy ply
veneers, but when you work on the Admiral you begin to realise that the interior was created by skilled craftsman.  It was a shame that
we had modern work tops and a modern table but the damage had been done before we bought the boat.
Seamaster 25 - Admiral - Mahogany Interior
We had a tiny shower, toilet
compartment with a marine loo and a
fold down sink.  Anyone over 15 stone
would have struggled to turn round.
I fitted a solar powered extractor fan
to remove smells and I used sheets of
fake blue plastic tiles and plastic
mirror tiles
These pictures show the Control Panel in the cockpit, before (Left) and after my rewiring  (Right). Over
the years I have re-wired several motorcycles  but re-wiring a boat is much more difficult.  There are no
rules and no logic. e.g. Half the boat used a red wire for earth, the rest of the boat used  a black wire for
earth and red was used for live.  Much of the wiring ran behind bulkheads. I also had to contend with a
240v mains circuit, a 12v circuit with an engine battery and an isolated 12v leisure battery
The Thorneycroft engine came with a control panel and it's own umbilical cord so it had completely self
contained wiring.  Being a diesel once started the engine ran until the fuel was cut off.  Great!
Mahogany Interior
Engine Change
Other boating photos
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